Who is Danielle Verne ?

My name is Danielle Verne. Verne you should know the name from my ancestor Jules Verne the French writer. My father was his nephew. As a matter of fact my father was very well known too because the Doctor de La Fuye was the first doctor who introduce Acupuncture in France around 1930. He wrote the first book of acupuncture called "acupuncture sans mystère" acupuncture without mystery. This book received the Price de l'Academie de Medecine in 1946.

But about Jules Verne : l am the issue of a beautiful love story :

Once upon a time, a handsome officer, Georges Allotte de la Fuye, and his cousin, a beautiful young girl, Marie, nicknamed the sweetheart, fell in love. Georges is also best friend to her brother Jules. When she turns eighteen, he asks for her hand in marriage. The heads of the family discuss it and the sentence falls: horror! The bloodlines are too close. The answer is no! Desesperate, our young officer runs off to the first country at war (which at that time was Mexico).

His cousin Jules Verne wrote a roman called :"Hector Servadac" where he would later relate one of these suicide attempts :

"An enemy shell had blasted an opening in the wall that protected the combatants. Every time a soldier passed in front of this hole he would end up getting shot. Georges, listening only to his courage and his wish to die, shielded the hole with his body allowing the whole company to pass behind him and on to safety!" The war in Mexico ends and Georges goes to the far reaches of the earth looking for a war and doesn't come back to France for eighteen years. He is the youngest and most decorated colonel in France.

The newspapers followed bis exploits throughout, and when he eventually comes back to his beloved Nantes, he is a national hero. He knows she had long since been married to the lawyer Guillon and that she has children, but our hero cannot resist going to see his beautiful cousin. He goes to her door and rings the bell. The door opens ... He is stunned ... his cousin is standing there looking exactly like the miniature picture of her he had taken away with him so long ago! She hasn't changed at all ... not one wrinkle, time hasn't touched her. He is he dreaming? No, it isn't Marie but her daughter Edith, a carbon copy of her mother.