How to explain such mysterious thing ?

So you want me to EXPLAIN something so mysterious ? I TRY to do it. I wrote a book of 250 pages but at the end I just can show you MY WAY, my own initiation track… Because if you ask other psychic I am sure there are many ways.

Think about your own intuitions. One thing I am sure if you do a lot of exercises, meditation, it's like a sort of "muscle" you are better, not to say curious things, but you are better to LISTEN your inter voice.

Of course, I know very precisely the date when it started : October 19/ 1950 when I had a cesarian to give birth to my son. I was dead for 1minute 15' but when I have to describe all what happen to me, it takes one hour and half!! That means that "somewhere" time is different. And furthermore it makes me in an intense stress, may be only because I am telling the story of a lost paradise….

l remember the warmth of it and the lack of fear. It is because somewhere we know when we are on earth, that the end MUST come? When l was in that world then it is just like if you arrive at the end of a long trip!. .. And a LOVE is waiting for you. You are so happy! Of course l am always terribly afraid of the death of my beloved one, and l had a very hard time to accept my mother's death! But l am not afraid of mine at all. But l love life and only for my son and friends l don't want to go too soon .... But from now on, when my time comes l know my son will be happy for me, and he knows l will be much closer to him than ever.

Because since, I never been afraid of my death, I think I was never so happy in my life. And, when I am doing a reading, I am in that "psychic mood" who erase all my problems, and even when I was closed to an important back surgery on my spine : The only moment I didn't have ANY pain, was during a reading.

Before trying to explain I want to tell you what I learned from my father :


Our body is formed out of these elements :

WATER : 80%
AIR : a few minutes without breathing and its death
EARTH: its our flesh, returning to the earth.
SO If we have those 3 elements, what is missing ??? Water, air, earth ???

Missing the FIRE… It is the DIVINE FLAME. The immortal element which sustains life, the thread of Ariane which can lead to another world. We can choose not to believe in this, but what a pity to deny ourselves the possibility to dream, indeed, how could anyone live without dreams? Scientists know this well; they have conducted studies which show that depriving a human being of dreaming leads first to depression and then to madness. So… dream! Dream! Something will always come out of it.