What and how do you see thing ?

Of course, you ask me WHAT AND HOW DO YOU SEE THINGS??? I am going to answer something curious, but imagine I describe a house with blue windows shelves… Then I say : NO they are green… Immediately you "see" green in your mind. So its may be only that: I hear "someone" describing me the view of the next apartment… or the horrible noise the apartment she wants to buy will have… When I am doing a reading, I always have my pendulum turning at the end of my fingers. If it turns right I should continue, if it stops or turn the wrong side, then my "imagination" or my "experience" is arriving, so its no good. Same when someone is talking, when it turns right I could listen, if it turns the wrong way, she lies.

The story of my Pendulum ?? Il suppose it started when I start looking into the cards. I have seen my father working with it, and I really don't know why I started to take it as a sort of "rail" But I really need it! I am often making some with jewels to give to my friends, but I say : never try to find numbers to win for the lottery… You can't disturb "Great Masters" for that!!!

Sometimes I could describe curious things: a couple wanted to leave Paris and go "somewhere" in France. With my pendulum I could find "la Bretagne" and very precisely a small village. But I said, go to the main street, on the right you will see a big wooden door paint in green, the top is a shape like a heart. They found it and ring: a lady came to open the door, she had a piece of paper in hand. The couple told her they were looking to buy a house just like this, could she think of selling it one day ??? The surprise of the lady was fun to look at…. Because she says, showing the piece of paper in hand : how could you know? I just decide to go to the agency with the announcement !

Need to tell you ? They bought the house and send me the picture of the door too…

Of course if it was only nice and funny things to announce, life would be too swell! But helas sometime its tragic: one day a beautiful woman arrives to see me on the 18th of March 1981. She has just given birth to a pretty little girl, and her only worry is whether or not her old employers will take her on again and give her a good job. Why do l feel this horrible anxiety? Why do l see images worthy of a horror and gory film? l want to ask her to leave, to tell her that everything is all right but that l am not "seeing" well ... But l know that l am not allowed to do that; if she is in front of me and "they" show me, then it means l must tell her, otherwise my work is meaningless.

Therefore, l must warn her:

- Your daughter is very ill, you must go to the hospital. It will be a tremendous ordeal for you, but it will be an example for the whole world. England will play a large role. The media will cover it. Your marriage will fail, but it will leave room for a great love. Your employers will support you, and you will move to a place south with clean air and sun ... ln fact you will write a book about it which will help others who have to go through what you are going to go through.