Saving a life

The curious story, between many more: one day a nice young lady arrive. She was very happy with her job, her husband and a nice 4-month-old little girl. She came only because one of her employee told her it was "fantastic"...

Poor girl! Not only I saw she was going to divorce, but I saw the little girl very sick, and she should go immediately to see a doctor and ask for a Xray... and she was going to move to go south, but her boss was going to be very supporting for her, then she would find another love and about 5 years old her little girl will be operated on in England and all newspapers will talk about her.

Of course when she went away she thought I was completely crazy, and she was absolutely furious... But her employee told her she really should go to see a doctor anyway... Next day was her day off, so she went to the hospital and went the doctor told her "what are the symptoms?" she only answers : Nothing, but could you do a Xray anyway?

As long as he had time, he agreed... but when he saw the Xray, he could not imagine why she came! The little kid had a birth illness : Heart AND lungs... and in France when she went to see the most well-known surgeon he told her "let her died, in 1982 we cannot do this kind of operation except in London a surgeon tried, but he did not realize it yet."

She did not have any money, so she went to see a newspaper (of course she was a very nice looking girl and her kid too; that helped) and it was all over France, a lot of singers made shows for her, some football players too, and she had enough money to go to England... To make a long story short... she was the first kid who could have Heart and lungs replaced! She is now 15 and in full shape.

Of course the mother divorced, went down south and her boss give her works down south too... and she found her second husband and she is very happy now. But of course she says to everybody, without me her little girl would be dead.