Forgetting myself

About my preparation every day, yes I have to do some meditations. As soon as I wake up, the brain is in "alpha" that's mean the vibes are really very slow, and it is the best moment to do it. When I was writing my book it was at that moment I could write.

Before my clients arrive, if I am well and happy I only need 2 minutes. If I have myself worries, I need more. In the beginning it was one hour and a half...

I have to forget myself to be ready for others. Sometimes I have "flashes" so it arrives despite myself, then I have to tell it to the person...otherwise curious things could happen. One day, I was with my son, we sometime have fun with all the stories I told him about people in a restaurant by example. Then one day we arrive in a gallery to admire paintings, and I told him:

- you see that young girl writing, she is missing 2 years of her life because she wants to please her parents.

So he told me :
- You should tell her.
- No, remember, you promised me if I told you the stories I see, you never force me to tell it.

So, we went around the gallery and my son bought a poster. While she was wrapping, she looks at me and says "oh! It's funny, around you, it looks like thousands of little stars!" so my son told me very softly "don't you think you should tell her?" she hears that, so she asks "tell me what?"... so I had to tell her the story, who of course happen to be true... and she listens to me and could have 2 years better on her life!