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The acupuncture

Of course as acupuncture was very new the "medicine academy" was against him... But the results was so fantastic people could only worship him!

My father

I was born in Alençon in Normandie in 1924 were my father being a military doctor was on duty. Its 200Km from Paris.

Becoming a newspaper writer

It had been a terrible time and he was yelling so loud and I was crying so much.... a newspaper man was waiting to do an interview and listen all the story...

Selling dresses

Easy ? After the newspaper writer someone told me to go to a competition to be a radio announcer...

How to become a psychic ?

Then, as all people having this kind of experience said : you are different, totally inside different.

Very strange story ?

I cannot use my special abilities to know the winning numbers of loto... or horse races! It would be so nice!

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