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Most difficult to help your friends ?

The most difficult is for your own best friend! I had the idea to create my own divination cards…

N.D.E. (1) : Giving a psychic's gift

It is time to have a baby. l actively prepare my daughter's cot. As l am a trained designer it is a little girl that l want to dress up...

N.D.E. (2) : The surprise

Next is the young lady. As before, l hover over her and dive in ... into a pretty green and pink room.

N.D.E. (3) : This pure energy

A source or essence of pure energy ... that's it. l am not smoke. l am energy ... a small, though not negligible, source of energy.

N.D.E. (4) : The return

How long has she been screaming like that?

N.D.E. (5) : Strange gift

The picture is complete: the white picket fence, the swing ... and also the little replica of the house which had aroused my curiosity.

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