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Danielle Verne a Master of Reinvention

Since the age of sixteen, Danielle Verne, born Denyse Allotte De La Fuye, nurtures a fervent wish, that is, to Be Herself. As part of this endeavor...

Who is Danielle Verne ?

My name is Danielle Verne. Verne you should know the name from my ancester Jules Verne the french writer. My father was his nephew.

Love story

Georges falls ... or rather continues to be in love, as passionately as the flrst day.

How to explain such mysterious thing ?

So you want me to EXPLAIN something so mysterious ? I TRY to do it.

What and how do you see thing ?

Of course, you ask me WHAT AND HOW DO YOU SEE THINGS??? I am going to answer something curious...

How to announce catastrophes ?

l well imagine the reaction of a reasonable and balanced person who receives this announcement of catastrophes! Normally one goes to see a clairvoyant...

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